Monday, September 26, 2011

Des Moines Locals

Well life in Des Moines is starting become more routine.  My apartment is completely unpacked and the couch was finally delivered at the beginning of the month.  Bryan and I have continued to explore the city.  We found a cute ice cream place called Snookies that is right off the Drake campus.  It reminds me of some of the places in Michigan because you walk up to a window outside to order.  Also, it is only open during the warm months so it is sadly closed for the season as of Sept. 19.  We each ordered their specialty item which has soft serve, melted chocolate and a topping of your choice.  Little did we know that they were huge!  It was like 24oz of ice cream.  There are tons of tables and chairs outside so everyone just sits on their patio to eat their treat. 

Another awesome find is Gray's Lake.  The lake is about a 3 minute drive from my apartment and is open from 5am-midnight.  There is a 2 mile walking/biking trail that surrounds the lake and there is a park too!  You can rent boats to take out on the water and they host a free wine tasting with live band on Friday evenings.  I love the trees and it is so green!  It gets insanely busy on the weekends and from 5pm-7pm but has been so nice to walk during the day, especially for a study break!

This is one of my favorite spots on the trail

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