Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Well...I am officially a Des Moines resident!  I left Tucson a week and a half ago, after my CON graduation on Thursday.  I drove to Phoenix and ate dinner with Cjo, Kathleen, Bonnie and Maggie.  Then packed up my car and my mom and I hit the road first thing Friday morning.  We drove from Phoenix to Evergreen, CO.  Evergreen is where my parents have their cabin so we were planning to stay there for the weekend.  We got to Evergreen around 9pm Friday night after a 14hr. car ride.  My dad decided to meet us in Evergreen for the weekend.  We went to the wine bar, Country road cafe (One of the greatest breakfast places), shopped in Denver and hiked!
The beautiful hike!
My dad was supposed to leave on Sunday however he booked his ticket for the wrong day so he got to stay til Monday evening.  After our fun weekend in Colorado, my mom and I left at 7am Tuesday morning to make the 8 hour drive to Wichita.  We got to Wichita that night, made dinner and hung-out with my cousins.  I stayed in Wichita til Thursday afternoon.  While I was there we got inducted into the PEO chapter wahoo better watch out!  On Thursday we decided to stop by Dillons on our way out of town.  Dillons is the local grocery store but they have a good sized selection of furniture too.  I ended up buying a rug and kitchen table with 4 chairs.  However, the table came in a box that weighed 150+ lbs and my mom and I were the only two available to lift!  Also, I had close to zero room in my car to fit both of these items.  In 102 degree weather we had to load the table and rug into an already overflowing car and then we hit the road to Des Moines. 
The table and rug
The drive usually takes about 5.5-6hours however it took us over 7 hours due to a huge storm.  We had to stop at a gas station for an hour to wait out a storm with 100mph winds, hail and the craziest lightening I have ever seen!  Finally, at midnight, I arrived in Des Moines.  My parents spent the weekend with me and we got my apartment mostly situated. 
New duvet and pillows

On Saturday we attended the largest farmer's market ever!  It occupied about 20 blocks and had thousands of people in attendance.  They sell bread, pastries, veggies, fruit, plants, desserts, homemade pastas.  You name it they probably had it.  I even got flowers for my new place and Bryan brought some home to me!
The largest farmers market I have ever seen!
The flowers from Bryan and Cjo check out that new runner from Crate!
 We also checked out restaurant week over the weekend.  We decided to try this new restaurant, Alba, which is normally pricey.  However during restaurant week you can get a 3 course meal for $25.  I thought we could walk there but apparently there are two 6th St.  One is East and one is West.  That's the only difference but there are 12 blocks from each other.  Needless to say we were 30min late to our reservation and ended up walking close to 20 blocks each way.  Our feet hurt so bad the next morning!  However, the food was delicious and the restaurant was very neat.  Also, Bryan and I had a new experience this weekend...we planted our first potted plants!  Wahoo gardening may be my new profession haha
The new plant

My parents left Sunday and I have since started a Kaplan NCLEX prep class.  So now the studying must begin. 

Until next time!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My new place!

This past weekend I went to visit Des Moines and Bryan but I also got the keys to my new loft!  I haven't seen the place for a few months so I was starting to forget what it looked like.  When I saw it on Friday it was better than I remembered! 
Bryan in front of our larger than life numbers on the side of the building.
 My place is on the 2nd floor and is just over 1000 sq. ft.  I have one bedroom and one and a half baths. 

My Kitchen
My living room
 Also, my closet is bigger than my bathroom at my last house so I'm pretty excited for that!  I guess I need to go clothes shopping so I can be sure to fill it up!  Plus the loft has a great covered patio!  I need to get some patio furniture because I just want to be able to sit outside and drink wine! 
The patio which is covered so I can even sit out here in the rain!
So Friday morning I met with the property manager, got the keys and my own parking spot.  Then my mom and I moved my furniture into the apartment while Bryan was at work.  Afterwards, my mother and I went furniture shopping because I need a couch and a TV.  I found one and am hoping it will be delivered the first week that I am a permanent resident of Des Moines. 
The new couch
My mom left Saturday morning and Bryan and I spent my birthday frolicking around town.  We went to look at gyms to join and did join one.  Then we went to lunch, went to purchase the couch and went to a BBQ.  Also, we found an awesome wine bar, Sbrocco!  It is super cute, has a great bartender and the wine was delicious.  They have the neatest wine machine where the wine bottle is hooked up and then it can be served out of a tap-like machine instead of having to be poured.  It was awesome!  Bryan and I decided we would have to be regulars at this place.  Following the wine bar we went to the El Bait Shop which is known for the 110 beers they keep on tap. 
This is part of their wall of taps.  It's pretty incredible!
They even have the specialty beer I love, Tommyknocker Jackwhacker, from the small town in Colorado that is close to my parent's cabin.  I will keep you updated as the furniture is purchased and my loft becomes furnished!

Until next time!