Sunday, July 31, 2011

The start of something new

Well this is my first ever blog post so I guess here goes nothing!  So today marks day one of being homeless!  Cjo and I officially cleaned out the cabana, loaded up our very full cars and off we went. 
This is the trunk of my car!  It was too full so I was unable to see but I did successfully fit everything!

This is my bedroom right before we left!  So sad but it was such a great room!
It is officially the end of an era.  I am now staying with friends for the rest of the week before heading to Des Moines on Thursday.  I am finally embarking on my last 5 twelve hour shifts on the ortho floor (which will hopefully never be my permanent place of employment!).  After the completion of the 5 shifts all that stands between me and a full-time RN job is the NCLEX.  Wahoo almost there!  Anyway, three shifts this week then to Des Moines for 4 days.  I am going to get the keys to my new apartment!  My mom is going to meet me there and help me move my bed, dresser etc. into the new residence, #207!  Bryan has been holding onto my furniture for the past 3 weeks and I'm sure he is ready for it to be out of there!  My mom will stay for a couple days and hopefully we can go furniture shopping because I am in dire need of a couch!  Also during that weekend is my birthday!  Should be a fun weekend away.  After the weekend, I return to Arizona for 2 more rotations followed by graduation.  Then hopefully dinner or drinks with the girls before finally heading off to the Midwest!  I am stopping to spend a few days at our cabin in Denver, then a few days in Wichita before finally reaching my destination.  I will keep you posted on the cross-country adventure!

Until next time!