Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catching Up

Well it has been pretty much forever since my last update so I figured one was due. 
I've been keeping busy with work.  I worked day shift for the first 4 weeks, then night shift for 3 months and am now on my first day shift rotation where I am on my own!  I am slowly catching on to the tricks of the trade and definitely get my workout during my day shifts. 

Here's what I have been up to since the last blog...
-Bryan and I got two puppies, Dunes and Wrigley
 -Moody came to Visit and we went to Chi town!!!
Moody on the 96th floor drinking cocktails and overlooking all of Chicago from Michigan Ave.

Both of us walking at Gray's Lake in Des Moines

We went to see the bean!!!
-San Diego in November for Sasha's wedding!
Bryan and I after the ceremony

All of the Chi Omega's with the beautiful bride

Moody, Maggie, Anna, Kathleen, Sharene and I at the reception!

Bryan and I stayed an extra night at the Hotel Coronado!  It was awesome and even better that Sasha and Josh joined us to hangout at the hotel hot tub!

-Colorado for Christmas with Jeff and my parents

The cabin with close to 2 feet of snow!

 -I went back to Colorado in January for a long weekend to ski with Bryan and my parents

Bryan all ready to tackle the slopes
The pups are doing great!  We have enrolled them in puppy class so they can learn basic tricks like sit, stay, stop etc.  We have had two classes so far and while we aren't the quickest learners, these pups are better than many of the others in our class.  We have four classes left so hopefully we can at least master one trick. 

 -I got a new car!  The Honda went to Grandma and I got a Nissan Murano.  I love it!!!

Other things include:
-Planning a trip to Hawaii!!!!
-Bundling up for lots of snow
-Wishing I could wear flip flops NOW
My parents came to visit last weekend and Bryan's came two weekends before that.  It is nice to have visitors plus it gives us an excuse to try new restaurants!  With Bryan's parents we went miniature golfing through the downtown skywalks.  It was a very cool idea!  Each hole was sponsored by a different organization so they were all uniquely decorated.  I even made a hole in 1!  With my parents we went to Ames for the afternoon for the Iowa State v. Minnesota women's gymnastic meet.  (My aunt is the head coach).

Until next time!